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anyone but ivy pocketAnyone But Ivy Pocket

Author: Caleb Krisp

Series: Ivy Pocket, #1

Publication Date: April 8th, 2015

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Synopsis: Ivy Pocket is a twelve-year-old maid of no importance, with a very lofty opinion of herself. Dumped in Paris by the Countess Carbunkle, who would rather run away to South America than continue in Ivy’s companionship, our young heroine (of sorts) finds herself with no money and no home to go to … until she is summoned to the bedside of the dying Duchess of Trinity.

For the princely sum of £500 (enough to buy a carriage, and possibly a monkey), Ivy agrees to courier the Duchess’s most precious possession – the Clock Diamond – to England, and to put it around the neck of the revolting Matilda Butterfield on her twelfth birthday. It’s not long before Ivy finds herself at the heart of a conspiracy involving mischief, mayhem and murder.

Illustrated in humorous gothic detail by Barbara Cantini, Anyone But Ivy Pocket is just the beginning of one girl’s deadly comic journey to discover who she really is …

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somebody stop ivy pocketSomebody Stop Ivy Pocket

Author: Caleb Krisp

Series: Ivy Pocket, #2

Publication Date: May 31st, 2016

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Synopsis: Are you ready for Ivy Pocket? The wickedly funny, completely unreliable maid of no importance returns—this time as a coffin maker’s daughter—in this action-packed sequel to Anyone but Ivy Pocket. School Library Journal says, “Fans of . . . Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events will love Ivy Pocket’s zany adventures.” Featuring extensive black-and-white interior art by Barbara Cantini throughout.

Everyone seems to want a piece of Ivy Pocket. Her adoptive parents keep trying to get her to clean the funeral home, even though Ivy’s certain she’s already the picture of a perfect daughter. A beautiful heiress named Estelle wants Ivy to uncover the dark truth behind her brother’s death. Her new friend, Miss Carnage, keeps asking Ivy the most curious questions (the poor, clueless dear). To top it all off, Ivy must protect the Clock Diamond from the evil Miss Always, who seems to be lurking around every corner! A fast-paced and hilarious follow-up to Anyone but Ivy Pocket, which Booklist praised as “a droll chapter book with a Victorian setting and a one-of-a-kind protagonist.” This is the second of three books about Ivy Pocket!

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Ivy Pocket

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Guest Post

A Typical Day In The Life Of Ivy Pocket

Ivy Pocket is an early riser. She gets up with the sun. Like any girl recently adopted by a pair of cuddly coffin makers, Ivy has a light breakfast of porridge and six or seven uncooked potatoes. She then gets to work. Mother Snagsby (Ivy’s wonderful new mother) always has a long list of chores for Ivy to get done during the day. Usually this work begins in the viewing parlor. The viewing parlor gets very dusty, and it’s Ivy’s job to clean and polish it until it shines. Often there is a coffin at the front with a dead person lying in it—and Ivy usually runs her mop over them too. After all, dead people collect a great deal of dust.

Lunch is very simple. Ivy eats whatever the housekeeper Mrs. Dickens has prepared—perhaps a side of beef, three pumpkins, a pound of chocolate, and half a turkey. As I said, all very simple. Then, if there is time, Ivy likes nothing better than stepping out to visit the London Library. Mother Snagbsy only lets her go because Ivy always needs new poems to read. Did I mention that at least twice a week Ivy is dragged to the sickbed of some poor nincompoop and is forced to read a terrible poem as Ezra (Ivy’s new father) measures the sickly person for a coffin? The poems are always terrible—so Ivy usually makes up verses of her own. Some of them are a tiny bit insulting. Which makes Mother Snagsby furious! At the library she will probably run into Miss Carnage, who works there. Miss Carnage adores Ivy and seems very interested in Ivy’s lost friend Rebecca. Ivy is certain that she has found a great new friend in Miss Carnage—I hope she is right.

By the afternoon, Ivy is usually back at the funeral home pretending to polish the stairs or wax the floor. Ivy spends at least half the day pretending to clean—she finds that acting as if you are doing a chore is much less exhausting than actually doing it. She also loves to stop and talk—sometimes with the living, but also with the dead. Ivy can see ghosts, so it’s not unusual for her to see a spirit or two around London. Most are friendly, though one in particular seems determined to cause mayhem and destruction.

Evenings at the funeral home are lovely. Ivy eats her supper in silence and is then sent straight to bed—usually for committing some great crime involving an unswept floor or a row of dirty windows. Every night Ivy is locked in her bedroom. This is done for Ivy’s protection, because London is a very dangerous place. Well, that’s what her parents tell her, anyway. Not that Ivy is ever bored in there—for she has recently discovered a way to escape without using a door or a window. She has the ability to travel to a faraway place. But there are no fairies or pixies or talking unicorns there. Ivy’s destination is a rather sinister building and her reason for going there is so that she can rescue her best friend and bring her home. The question is, will she succeed before Mother Snagsby finds out what she’s doing? Or will she get caught and be trapped in that awful place like her friend?

So there you have it. Ivy Pocket’s day is perfectly ordinary. In fact, I’m sure you’ll agree that Ivy is just like any other twelve-year-old on the planet. Right?


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  1. danielle hammelef says:

    These books may just be my new favorite series. I love this character!

  2. Annie JC says:

    LOL. Love this typical or is it atypical day!?!

  3. Marilyn says:

    These covers and books are adorable. Thanks for this giveaway.

  4. The illustrations on these books are amazing. I am an illustrator and I feel that these books are impelling to read because of the illustrations. Thanks for bringing these book to my attention! I cannot wait to check them out.

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