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Series: The Bone Universe, #3

Author: Fran Wilde

Publication Date: September 26th, 2017

Publisher: Tor Books

Synopsis: A City of living Bone towers crumbles to the ground and danger surrounds. Kirit Densira has lost everything she loved the most―her mother, her home, and the skies above. Nat Brokenwings―once Kirit’s brother long before the rebellion tore them apart―is still trying to save his family in the face of catastrophe. They will need to band together once more to ensure not just own survival, but that of their entire community.

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Praise for THE BONE UNIVERSE Series

“Wilde’s fantastical trilogy (after Cloudbound) takes on violent political divisions, ecological desolation, and the imminent death of the only world the characters have ever known….Fans of the series will be satisfied by its conclusion.” ―Publishers Weekly on Horizon

“A fantastic follow-up to Updraft―I liked it better than its predecessor, particularly for what it says about the politics of fear and prejudice, and how giving people what they want isn’t always the best thing.” ―Aliette de Bodard, award-winning author of House of Shattered Wings, on Cloudbound

“A thrilling and complex tale about the most difficult stage of a revolution: what do you do after you win? Highly recommended both for the story it tells as well as how it tells that story. Wilde takes risks that pay off hugely.” ―Ken Liu, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Grace of Kings, on Cloudbound

“A book that’s impossible to put down. [Wilde has] planted herself firmly in the “authors to watch” category.” ―Andrew Liptak on Updraft

“The world of the towers grown from bone, where residents strap on wings and soar the air currents, is captivating…Kirit’s journey to find her place is satisfying, but the real draw is a world that readers will be anxious to revisit in future volumes of this exciting new series.” ―Library Journal, starred review, on Updraft

The Bone Universe series is such a fun fantasy series that is not only a fantasy series, but also borders on science fiction, so it will really appeal to readers of both genres.  There is a lot on offer here, and if you have read the first two books, Horizon is the awesome conclusion to the trilogy that you definitely won’t want to miss.  If you are new to the series, I’ll make sure my review is spoiler free, so no worries.  I definitely recommend picking up a copy of Updraft, the first book in the series, if you haven’t had a chance to check these books out yet.  I honestly think that even if you decided to start with Horizon before reading the other two books in the series, you wouldn’t even be lost, because the author does a fantastic job of making sure that everyone knows what is going on at all times, even those who haven’t read the previous two installments.

My absolute favorite part of this entire series is the fact that the world building is so incredibly well done that I honestly felt like I was in the world with the characters in the books.  Everything was so perfectly detailed – just the right amount, too.  Sometimes you come across fantasy worlds with too much detail and not enough story and character interaction, and other times you come across stories that have too little detail and you don’t really have the ability to really enjoy the setting.  I loved how every part of this entire series (especailly Horizon) really came to life and made you feel like you were actually there.  For those who love world building, this book is such a treat.

Horizon is told from the points of view of three characters: Kirit, Nat, and Macal.  Each character brings something important to the story, and each one of them have their own unique and interesting voice that are easily distinguishable from the others.  Sometimes I have a hard time getting into books that have more than one point of view, especially when they sound the same.  I loved that about this – each character had their own personalities and traits that really stood apart from the others.  They were all unique – no cookie cutter like characters here.

The story itself was full of action and had plenty on offer for those who enjoy a fast paced read.  There were times when I simply couldn’t stop reading because so much was going on and I really wanted to see what happened next.

Not only was Horizon a fun read, but it also was full of excitement and a beautiful world that I couldn’t get enough of.  I think it wraps up the series well, and since now that all three books are out, it’s the perfect time to check it out for yourself and fall in love with the world and these characters!

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

Fran Wilde’s novels and short stories have been nominated for two Nebula awards and a Hugo, and include her Andre Norton- and Compton-Crook-winning debut novel, Updraft (Tor 2015), its sequels, Cloudbound (2016) and Horizon (2017), and the novelette “The Jewel and Her Lapidary” ( Publishing 2016). Her short stories appear in Asimov’s,, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Nature, and the 2017 Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror. She writes for publications including The Washington Post,, Clarkesworld,, and You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and at

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