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Author: H. A. Swain

Publication Date: June 14th, 2016

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Synopsis: In Orpheus Chanson’s world, geniuses and prodigies are no longer born or honed through hard work. Instead, procedures to induce Acquired Savant Abilities (ASAs) are now purchased by the privileged. And Orpheus’s father holds the copyright to the ASA procedure.

Zimri Robinson, a natural musical prodigy, is a “plebe”–a worker at the enormous warehouse that supplies an on-line marketplace that has supplanted all commerce. Her grueling schedule and her grandmother’s illness can’t keep her from making music–even if it is illegal.

Orpheus and Zimri are not supposed to meet. He is meant for greatness; she is not. But sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Here is a thriller, love story, and social experiment that readers will find gripping–and terrifying.

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About the Author

thumbnail_H.A. SwainHeather Swain lives in a crooked house in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, two children, a barkless dog, and two rescue cats. She is the author of four novels for young adults, two kids craft books, two novels for grown ups, and numerous short stories, personal essays, and non-fiction articles.


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Top 10 Things You Can’t Live Without

Assuming humans don’t count and that in this scenario I’d have basic food, water, shelter, and clothing then my next choices, in no particular order, would be…

1. Smart phone

1. smartphone

Given that I write about the future, it probably goes without saying that I adore a good piece of tech. I love having a book to read, a newspaper to peruse, the New York Times crossword puzzle to work, a place to store voice notes, and a way to instantly check in with the people I love right in the palm of my hand. The future is now and I’m glad to be living it.


2. Writing Implement

2. writing implement 22. writing implement 32. writing implement 42. writing implement




Eunuch monk scribing on parchment, pen and paper, typewriter, laptop—take your pick! As long as I can get my thoughts out of my head and saved for later, I’ll be happy.


3. Furry Mammal

3. furry mammal 13. furry mammal 23. furry mammal 3





This winter my beloved dog died. He was nearly 17. We got him the year I wrote my first novel and he (quite literally) sat at my feet every morning then took a walk with me every afternoon through every single book I’ve ever written. I miss him terribly. Our two cats are doing a cat-kind-of job filling the gap. Stormy winds around my legs meowing for belly rubs while I’m at my desk and Aurora likes to sit on my laptop keyboard when I’m writing on my bed. *Sigh* I think it may be time for a puppy soon.


4. Running Shoes

4. running shoes

Nietzche, that depressive German philosopher, said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” Change “walking” to “running” and I agree. Running is as much a part of my writing routine as writing is. Anytime I’m stuck, I take a run and the words start to flow. Plus, I run like I write—I’m not fast, I don’t get far, but I do it nearly everyday.


5. Podcasts

5. podcasts

I’m a total podcast junkie. I always have a dozen or more cued up so anytime I’m by myself (taking a walk, doing dishes, running errands) and before I go to sleep, I can pump something in my ear holes. Some of what I listen to is intellectually edifying (Big Picture Science, Radiolab, and Slate’s Double X Gabfest) others are completely silly (Baby Geniuses and Comedy Bang Bang) but my absolute favorite is No Such Thing as a Fish—a weekly round up of weird facts from the QI Elves. It never fails to delight me!


6. Trees

6. trees

Nature’s cortisol suppressant! Maybe it’s because I grew up in rural Indiana, but I need me some green everyday or I go a bit batty. The minute I feel stressy, I head out for a walk among the trees and I immediately feel better.



7. Stand Stand Portable Writing Desk

7. desk

This is the best thing ever! I get antsy if I sit for too long and then my words dry up so I usually stand when I write. (I also pace around talking to myself a lot, which is why I can’t write in public.) After years of stacking up books or roaming my house looking for countertops the right height, my dear BFF (the amazingly-talented writer) Emily Franklin, gave me this portable standing desk. It folds up so you can take it anywhere. Brilliant!


8. Naps

8. naps

I’m kind of like a toddler. Most of the time I have more energy than I know what to do with but then at some point during the day I need to crash for twenty minutes or I get very cranky. Bonus: I can sleep just about anywhere!



9. My mother’s teapot

9. teapot

For many years, my mother was a potter. She made the most exquisite hand-painted teapots. I’m not a caffeine addict, but I love the ritual of making a good strong pot of black tea in the morning then sitting quietly once everyone is out of the house, pouring cup after cup from my mother’s teapot as a way to start my day.



10. Black Raspberry Pie


Because pie is awesome. Who wants to live in a world without pie? Not me.





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3 Responses to Blog Tour: Gifted by H. A. Swain – Top 10 List and Giveaway

  1. danielle hammelef says:

    The pie just made me very hungry–that looks delicious. I also run everyday and have found answers to my own writing “blocks” on the road.

  2. Naps, absolutely! I love getting a nap every day!
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  3. Penny Olson says:

    This book looks great. I really like the premise. Thanks for the post!

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