Advertising and marketing may be costly and unproductive. Businesses may wind up promoting and marketing to consumers who are irrelevant to or uninterested in their goods or services. When communicating with our target audience, we need to concentrate on someone rather than just everyone to prevent squandering a lot of money.

A buyer persona is a fictional figure with a personality and essential traits that may be used to better understand the people you are communicating with. The key buyer or primary decision maker of a good or service is almost often the focus of the building of B2b buyer personas. You can check the b2b persona examples.

Reasons to use b2b buyer personas

Creating several b2b buyer personas might provide the following advantages:

  • You have a deeper knowledge of your clients as a result, which helps you sell to them more successfully.
  • It enables you to determine which personas you ought not to sell to.
  • Internal staff members can better comprehend clients thanks to it.
  • It enables you to comprehend the timing and manner of various personas’ interactions with you throughout the client journey.
  • points to consider when creating b2b buyer personas

Points to consider when creating b2b buyer personas


  • demographics like age, profession, and responsibility for making decisions


What age range does the persona belong to? What position do they hold? decision-makers are senior or younger decision-makers? By doing so, we can begin to comprehend the traits of the individual we are speaking with.


  • What factors are significant to them while searching for suppliers?


What are the main factors influencing their supplier selection? For example, one persona could be interested in pricing, while another would be interested in one-on-one help.



  • What are their goals?


What goals do they have for themselves in this position? For instance, are they seeking to develop an optimization with a supplier or to optimise processes?



  • What are their needs?


What is required of our persona in order for them to succeed in their work and reach their objectives? How are we going to help them with this? For instance, our persona could want a supplier with a smooth ordering process so that they can do their work fast and effectively.


  • What are their pain points?


Exist any instances when a provider is failing to satisfy our personas’ needs? Do they now face any major obstacles that we, as their supplier, may aid them in overcoming?


  • Which brands are they using?


Are there any instances where a provider is not satisfying the demands of our personas? Are there any significant issues they are having that we, as their provider, may assist them in resolving?


  • How are they interacting with suppliers?


Do members of our persona prefer to be reached by email or would they rather meet in person?

B2B Buyer Persona Examples

Creating b2b buyer personas is meant to help you better understand your clients, but you can go much farther! One of our clients will bring in a sizable cardboard cutout of their b2b customer persona, like Promoter Pat, whenever they are having a conversation about their consumers. This may sound severe, yet there is a genuine point being made. It helps the team remain focused on their clients and the particular audience (someone) they are targeting.


Always keep in mind that there will almost definitely be several personas participating in the decision-making process when developing b2b buyer personas. Buying decisions between businesses are often made by a team of people. This implies that you would need to create a lot of personas and comprehend how they interact when it comes to making decisions. Additionally, you must make sure that each persona is reached by your marketing.

You will have the same value proposition when marketing to the various personas, utilize might want to utilise different phrases and visuals to make sure it connects with each persona. A persona working in a more technical job, for instance, will identify with different message than a persona working in a procurement function.

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