One of the highlights of a busy day is retreating to an outdoor space to enjoy relaxing with a good book or chatting to friends. However, there comes a time when a little inspirational updating is needed to enable this treasured place to reach a new level of comfort.


  1. Quaint Stone Patio

Limestone paving in a range of delicate pastel shades has an unrivalled natural beauty. The interesting grainy texture provides a solid non-slip surface. Place irregular shaped paving stones of different sizes across the patio area. The outline should be slightly staggered ready for edging with beautiful plants. Leave a few planting spaces towards the perimeter of the paving and fill with low growing aromatic herbs such as chamomile and thyme.


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  1. Natural Decking

Raised decking of pressurised hardwood timber is always a popular choice that provides years of trouble-free service. It can be stained in a variety of warm, earthy tones and gives out a lovely soft echo when you walk across it.


  1. Contemporary Balcony

Your balcony will love the contemporary styling of metallic flooring. Lightweight aluminium decking strips simply clip together to form a smooth walkway. The brushed metal has an attractive, lustrous sheen that won’t ever fade or rust.


  1. Enchanting Grotto

Transform an uninteresting shady corner into a magical grotto where you can seek refuge from the heat of the sun. Use plants such as ferns, coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea) and golden yarrow (Achillea filipendulina) to create a recess. Inside it, place a section from a large tree trunk to form a rustic seat. Amongst the plants, arrange a few small statues of cute woodland creatures and shimmering butterflies.


  1. Babbling Brook

It’s soothing to the nerves to listen to the gentle splashing of water as it tumbles amongst pebbles. Near your seating area, install a decorative water feature or a small pond with a fountain. Don’t forget to get a pond vacuum that can effectively keep your pond neat, clean, and free of weeds and debris on a regular basis.


  1. Ecologically-Friendly Illumination

Solar lights don’t need electricity. They spend all day absorbing power from the sun then cast a beautiful soft glow over the patio at night. They’re an ideal form of discreet illumination when you are entertaining guests.


  1. Comfortable Seating

One of the easiest updates for your outdoor space is new seating. Choose high end furniture with plush cushions and stylish frames or unusual swing nest seats. Versatile fabric footstools can be used as additional seating or as convenient tables outside or indoors.


  1. Topiary

A small outdoor space needs features that are neat and tidy. Evergreen box bush (Buxus sempervivens) planted in a tub is the perfect solution. It has compact growth that can be regularly clipped into shapes such as pyramids, cubes, or globes.


  1. Accessories

Investing in a few of the latest accessories is one of the quickest updates. Choose cushions in this season’s most vibrant patterns. A glamorous parasol will add shade wherever it’s needed. Lightweight tableware made of environmentally-friendly bamboo will harmonise perfectly with your updated outdoor space.


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