Finding time to fit exercise into a busy schedule can be difficult, especially if you are the type of person who has a lot going on. Between school, work, kids, running a house, and trying to keep up with all kinds of other errands, you aren’t always left with much free time for other activities. This can make it difficult to find a lot of time for exercise, where some programs require you to spend hours at the gym or even hours at home working out on expensive equipment or when it isn’t convenient for you to do so.

Finding time to head to the gym or spending too much time workout in your home using pricey equipment is a thing of the past, thanks to Roberta’s Gym. Roberta’s Gym is such an amazing way to get in shape by using unique exercise programs that are easy to do in your own home without using any equipment or costly gym memberships.

Videos such as this 9 minute workout that melts belly flab and builds ab muscles are an essential video to watch if you are short on time and need help beginning an exercise regimen that targets exactly the areas you need to work on. This video contains exercises that target your belly and abdominal muscles, including exercises like flutter kicks, scissor kicks, and leg lifts. In between each exercise is a short rest period, allowing you to catch your breath before starting again. This makes it much easier to stick with the program, and allows those of any fitness level to make the video work for them.

Roberta’s Gym is confident that if you do their videos (such as the one listed above) every day for three or four weeks, you are sure to see some results. While of course you should always combine an exercise plan with a healthy diet, this is a great way to start out on your journey to fitness!

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