Gone are the days when people’s idea of wedding décor went as far as putting up tents and colorful ribbons. Today, décor has been revolutionized to include more dynamic and versatile options. Planning a wedding comes with a lot of pressure as it is one of the most important days of your life and every memory needs to be secured. You get to experience this day with family and friends and it is only right to ensure that every single decision you make is just right. This means that you need to think out of the box and come up with unique concepts that will embody the essence of your special day.

The easiest way to personalize your wedding is by coming up with unique décor ideas. If you have an open mind and let your creativity take the lead, it will be much easier to conceptualize current trends while adding a personal touch. While the classic and timeless décor touches will never go out of style, here are some trendy decorative items that are worth a try at your wedding:

1. Ice Sculptures

An ice sculpture from Glacial Art is one way to integrate a great focal point that will complete the ensemble of your wedding location. Think of a delicate and beautiful ice sculpture that has been made to complement other decorative pieces on your table or set up point. Ice sculptures provide a great layout and really pull the rest of your wedding décor together. They are customized to align with your style, preference, and personality while bringing a touch of elegance and artistic drama to your wedding.

2. Chalkboard Signage

Signage may not be the first thing that you would think about when it comes to your wedding décor. However, you can take advantage of this opportunity and add a personal touch to several points of your wedding location.

Chalkboards tend to bring a rustic and easy feel to any environment. Rather than going for the simple and plain signage or menus, you can have several chalkboards that have been bedecked with flowers, spray paint, or other decorative items. You can use this for your food and drinks menu, a photo booth area, gift sections and any other quirky or fun favors you want to pass along.

3. Neon Signs and Decor

If you want to have fun with your guests and make them feel your presence all through the day, you can use neon signs that align with your theme. You can use them for those catchy phrases your friends and family know you for or use it to bring a retro theme to the wedding reception area. The best thing about neon signs is that you can even use it at your home once the wedding is over. Neon signs are colorful and statement-making decorative items that can switch up the whole décor of your function.

4. Suspended Floral and Geometric Decor

Suspended décor is the in-thing in wedding trends and people are rapidly growing into this style. You can try suspended floral décor to bring life your ceiling and space. If you are not into flowers, think of helium balloons, floating lanterns and other colorful pieces that will work for you. You can also try out suspended geometric décor that makes a statement while providing an eye-catching ensemble for your wedding location.

5. Flower Walls

Flower walls give you the perfect backdrop for your high table, food stations, or even your favors table. This is a simple yet effective way to change up the whole ambiance and feel of your wedding location.

You can use rose stems, vines or customized flower walls to come up with picturesque backdrops for various sections of your space. The best thing about flower walls is that you can use them at any place that you need to draw your guest’s attention. Bring the outside indoors and make every moment of your wedding come to life.

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2 Responses to 5 Trendy Decorative Items to Try at Your Wedding

  1. Great ideas! As I plan my wedding for next year, I love reading up on different decor ideas!
    Jenn @ Bound to Writing recently posted…Goodbye June. Hello July! A Reading Wrap-Up and TBR listMy Profile

  2. These ideas are cool!
    Can I say I’m kind of happy I’m past wedding planning? All that work!

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