5 Tips to Helping the Environment

Mother Nature has always been there for us, especially in sustaining our lives, and the earth has ever blessed us in abundance with nothing short of nature’s best. However, it is a sad reality indeed that we have not done our very best in taking care of the environment.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, much of our achievements in the area of science, technology, and engineering have adversely impacted the environment we live in. If we keep going this way, nature could come back to haunt us- more lives affected and more properties devastated.

Going green is a must nowadays, and it doesn’t have to involve doing the great and glorious stuff. In the simplest things and in the simplest ways, you have every opportunity to care for the environment such as using bags that are reusable for life and actively reducing carbon footprint.

There are a lot of ways to help the environment. Below are some of them.

1. Make use of reusable bags

Plastic is one of nature’s most notorious arch enemies, especially when dumped in the ocean. We have seen how animals, especially our fish, get tangled and suffocate when they interact with plastic bags. In landfills and other dumpsites, plastic takes forever to break down and decompose. Burning them isn’t the brightest idea either since it involves releasing gases which poison the atmosphere. As much as possible, using reusable bags when doing your grocery or shopping will help reduce our plastic wastes. Most states now enforce the use of reusable bags and are banning plastics altogether, and some stores offer discounts and other perks when you use these green bags.

2. Reduce your energy consumption

The power generation industry is one of the huge names in carbon footprints, and we can’t blame them- they have to work as hard as they can to keep our lights on. Reducing your energy demand can help ease off the workload of the power plants, and it can be as simple as unplugging appliances when not in use. You can also opt for green energy at home such as installing solar panels and shifting to LED lighting. With this, you’re also doing yourself a favor by reducing your energy bills.

3. Say goodbye to paper

One way of using technology for the better is by digitizing documents and books that would’ve been generally on paper. Make use of pdf’s and e-books instead of on paper which eventually contributes to waste products.

4.  Think of sustainable engineering

Some state-of-the-art homes now make use of natural ventilation, which eliminates the need for air conditioning units. Some are also designed to allow natural daylight to illuminate the interior- no need for artificial lighting as well. Think of how you can innovate your house to be friendlier with the environment and harmonize nature and technology.

5. Rethink your transportation

Transportation is probably one of the most significant contributors to the carbon footprint. Unless necessary, take public transit or carpool with your friends on the way to work. If you can do the extra mile and ride a bike to go somewhere, why not? Going green can also mean physical fitness for you.

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2 Responses to 5 Tips to Helping the Environment

  1. ClearWorld says:

    A clean environment is essential for healthy living as it is the most important resource of life.
    As technology innovates it also destroys the environment which probably lead to a much polluted and toxic community in the future.

  2. ELTEC says:

    Solar panel systems are a great way for you to save money, no matter your budget. If you can afford to pay the electricity bill every month, you can afford to install them 🙂

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