5 Things to Do If You Want Your House to Sell Fast

As it is currently a seller’s market, you have a great chance of your house being sold shortly after being listed. In highly desirable areas, homes might only officially be on the market for a short while before they are snatched up, well above their listing price. At the same time, homeowners have to be motivated and put in a lot of work if they are hoping to get their property sold right away. You have to weigh the pros and cons of getting your house sold versus potentially getting the most money. Then, there’s the fact that listing a house so that it sells quickly also means that some financial investments may have to be made. Here are the five most important things homeowners have to do to get their homes sold as quick as can be.

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1. Choose Your Real Estate Agent Wisely

You might end up paying each real estate agent the same in commission, but you have to realize that some will be able to do more for you than others. There are realtors that will immediately get to listing all new properties that are on the market, return calls the same hour, and work to match eager homebuyers with properties that are appealing. Then there are realtors that still do a good job, but perhaps they prioritize more expensive properties over, say, starter homes. To get your home sold as fast as possible, you can’t just choose a real estate agent at random. Look at the realtors that you see around the most. The realtors that win awards, make the most in yearly commissions, and come recommended are those most likely to help you in this instance.

2. Have Professional Photos Taken of Your Home

When a homebuyer starts seriously looking for property, the first thing he or she does is search the internet for available properties. These homebuyers will narrow their search by cost, location, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, if you are looking to revamp yours to be able to fetch a higher price, you should definitely check out Victoria plum. Their results could be narrowed down to only a handful of homes from potentially hundreds. Now, regardless of the number of results available, homebuyers will only consider properties that appear to meet their needs. This means that the photos that you have available of your home really have to tell the whole story. All pictures that appear on your property listing should be well lit, properly composed, and produced by a professional photographer. Yes, professional photos cost extra money but they also prevent you from complaining about why your house won’t sell. Making sure plenty of professional photographs of your home are available online will instill homebuyers’ interest as well as confidence.

3. Agree on an Attractive Listing Price

Knowing how much to list your home for can mean the difference between you selling it super fast and it lingering on the market for months. Now, as a homeowner, you want to get maximum value. In fact, selling your home for as much as you can get is the single most important factor to the majority of homeowners. Depending on where you live, you might look at some other listings, such as those listed in the 7 best suburbs of Boston, MA. You might disagree with your realtor on how much to sell your home for. If you happen to be in the middle of dissolving a marriage, your soon-to-be-ex might disagree with what you want to list your jointly owned home for just to be a horn in your side one final time. In the end, you have to list your home for what is an attractive price. List it too high and there will be no bites. On the other hand, if you list your home for too little you will either walk away short, or you might have the misfortune of actually still owing the bank. Be moderate in your approach and you will attract enough interest parties that you end up getting over the listing price.

4. Decide on Whether or Not to Stage

When a home is for sale, there are a lot of benefits to emptying it out immediately. In pictures, interested buyers can see exactly how much space is available for their belongings. An empty home gives potential homebuyers the ability to literally put themselves in your property. By contrast, home staging is a big business for a reason. In the case of model homes sold by homebuilders, buyers will often request to buy the property as is, fully staged. Staging makes homes look like they are ready to move into. A person might end up buying a home more because of the way that it was beautifully decorated and staged than because of its prime location. However, each homeowner is going to feel different because their circumstances are not going to be the same. You may do better by having your home staged, or you could also be advised to keep your home empty. Take what your real estate agent has to say and see if you can get feedback from all homebuyers that show an interest.

5. Host as Many Open Houses as Possible

A little coffee, a plate of cookies, and a few home brochures can go a long way. The ultimate weapon in the arsenal of homeowners attempting to sell their property is the open house. Get some balloons, put up some signs, and open your doors for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday. When you announce a time and date for homebuyers to take a tour through your home, you can fast forward the home selling process. Not all homebuyers truly want to schedule appointments to see different homes separately. Some even prefer to have their entire families take a tour of the homes they want to buy together as a group. Get some open houses under your belt and see just how fast you can get yours to sell.

Check out how fast homes are selling in your area before you make any personal goals. In general, you can count on local trends to gauge how long your property might be sitting on the market. Taking these five steps listed will get your home sold at least a little bit quicker than expected. You could also see your home being the fasting selling property in the area if your luck goes just right.

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  1. My friend plans to sell their rest house in the province which is not that used. I’ll let her read this for additional reference. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s so hard to sell our house because it’s too old already. Anyway, thanks for the tips! Will try all of these tips you’ve mentioned.

  3. Great tips! Another thing that you can do is to check the electrical systems of your home, as well as the sockets if they are still working. By doing this, you will be able to know what needs to be repaired before you sell your home. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this, very helpful!
    Kassel Marie Williams recently posted…Simple Reminders for Electrical Safety During the SummerMy Profile

  4. Great Job! useful advise here! I really like your points thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Excellent and very practical tips! Marketing your house to give the potential buyers a visual feel enhances the chances of the house getting sold quickly. I have seen in my career that a beautifully decorated model house gets more offer than a house being shown as it has always been.
    Rosemary Schmidt recently posted…Prepping Your Home for Sale? Why You Should Hire a HandymanMy Profile

  6. Susan David says:

    These are some really great tips that you have shared! I have been looking for a home and the whole process was very tiring. However, I came across Sarah Naylor. Her team took care of all the requirements and made it look seamless. Kudos to their team!

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