Lifting weights is the key to building your muscles and gaining strength. However, most beginning weight lifters find themselves trapped in a plateau of stagnation. Such plateaus are common amongst amateurs, especially those who train solo, probably because they don’t know how to use the weights to their advantage.  In some cases, it’s lack of a training routine that causes a person to lose focus. Such people do what they see others doing without knowing that those fellows have a workout plan that’s guiding them every step on the way. There is also the risk of injuring oneself by not maintaining the right posture and being over aggressive. The tips outlined below provide useful information on working with the weights at the gym.

1. Get the Right Equipment

For you to achieve meaningful results, you must the right workout equipment such as dumbbells, benches and barbells among others. Training at your local gym is the easier option when you can’t afford to setup a gym in your home. In fact, nowadays are moving away from public training facilities because they tend to be crowded most of the times and don’t offer the convenience of working out at your own pleasure. Buying gym equipment is pretty simple. All you have to do is visit reputable online stores such as and buy all the stuff that you need at discounted rates

2. Start with Lighter Weights

Most beginners are not aware that they can injure themselves by lifting weights that are too heavy for them. Such people think that they can tone their muscles in an overnight. As an amateur, it’s recommended you start training without using any weights at all. It’s only after some days that you should introduce your body to light weights and progress gradually. This approach gives your body an opportunity to adjust itself.

3. Consult a Training Expert

If you are not sure about the workouts that you should take, it’s advisable you consult an experienced fitness expert. Such a professional can guide you on the muscles that you should target to achieve your fitness goals. A good trainer can help you draft a workout plan so you know what you are supposed to do everyday. When you are guided by a trainer, you will achieve your goals much faster as opposed when you go solo.

4. Challenge Yourself to Reach New Levels

Once you have become accustomed to lifting a certain weight, you should try moving to a much heavier weight. This is because your muscles can’t develop unless they are stretched beyond their capacity. If you are not comfortable with adding extra pounds into your weights, you should consider increasing the number of reps that you do in a set. For instance, if you have been doing a set of ten repetitions, you can scale it up to 15 and then 20. This will force your muscles to gain more strength to be able to support the weights that you train with.

5. Take Periodic Breaks

It’s important you take some days off from intensive training. This is because muscles grow when you rest. If you train everyday without taking a break, you will only do more harm to your body. In case you didn’t know, lifting heavy weights causes your muscles to wear out. When you rest and eat well, the torn muscles repair themselves automatically, giving you an opportunity to train next time. Your diet should include a considerable fraction of proteins because they are the nutrients that are responsible for promoting growth and development of muscles.


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