Improving posture pays off. Medically known as the neutral spine, good posture ensures the muscles around the spine are well-balanced to support the body equally. What is good posture? When sitting, your feet should be flat against the floor, weight even on both hips. Your back is straight, except for the natural lumbar curves. Shoulders should be back, yet relaxed, with ears over your collarbones. When standing, legs should slightly bent at the knee to avoid hyperextending the knee joints. Maintaining this posture ensures that you fall into the ‘good posture’ category and enjoy all of the benefits that come with such. The five benefits of good posture on the list below are among the many reasons it’s worth making a few improvements to the way that you sit and stand. Are you ready to enjoy improvements to your life and overall well-being with minimal effort required?

1- Reduce Back Pain

Sitting or standing (or a combination of both) in a slouched position for extended periods only adds stress to your lower lumbar region, including the spine, muscles, ligaments, and facet points. The end result is usually back pain, whether it comes in small bouts of lower back pain or sharp electrifying pains up and down the back both day and night. Strive to maintain proper posture to minimize the back pain you currently feel and to prevent it from occurring in the future. Exercise, such as bridges, also helps strengthen the lower back. Another tip- move frequently. Doctors recommend you move your body every half hour or whenever you feel yourself starting to slouch.

2- Headache Relief

Can’t figure out why headaches occur so often? Headaches can really drag us down, especially when they frequently occur. Perhaps posture is the cause. Poor posture leads to tension headaches, unbeknownst to many. This occurs due to an increase in neck tension. When you correct posture, it alleviates muscle tension, in turn reducing headaches. Head retraction exercises strengthen the neck muscles. Being aware of your body as well.


3- Increased Energy Levels

Lack of energy stands in the way of getting things done and being at our best for the things we complete. Energy loss occurs naturally as a part of the aging process, but other things can also decrease energy, including improper posture. Bones and joints in correct alignment allow them the freedom to move and be used as intended, which diseases body fatigue. It’s okay to give your body time to relax from time to time, but take note when you feel yourself low on energy. Poor posture may very well be attributed to your lack of energy.

4- Decreased Neck & Shoulder Strain and Pressure

Decreased neck and shoulder strain is also a benefit for those who maintain proper posture. Maintain a head forward posture and you cause unnecessary strain on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Proper alignment causes less restriction and less stress and pain. Less strained ligaments avoid chronic overuse issues. Neck stretches alleviate pressure and tension in the neck area. Perform a neck stretchy standing straight with your chin tucked backward. Hold the position for three seconds. Complete 15 repetitions of the neck stretch.


5- Increased Lung Capacity

Slouching compresses the lungs, whether you are sitting or standing, although there is greater expansion space when you’re standing. Good posture improves your breathing and your overall well-being. Many exercises help increase your lung capacity. Perform a few of them as often as possible.

Improving your posture improves your life in a myriad of ways. The benefits of good posture listed here are only a handful of many you can expect to enjoy. No matter how bad your current posture, your age, or other factors, you can make strides to improve posture and your overall well-being. Doing so isn’t as difficult as many assume. It is in your best interest to pay attention to your posture and correct it when you feel yourself slouching or otherwise sitting or standing in a manner that doesn’t keep the spine properly aligned. It’s also ideal that you find techniques that help improve your posture and use them in your daily life.

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  1. Sweet I’ve been wanting to ask if have any posture blogs since every exercise “starts with good posture”

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