We are living in an era of pixels. For web developers and designers, pixels can be either your friend or your enemy. While you would want everything on your website to look sharp and beautiful for your visitors, it is critical to keep the image file sizes down to avoid performance issues. There is only one option to use with logos, illustrations, and icons for web design, which is scalable vector images. Vector graphics are brilliant since they can appear crisp across all screen resolutions. They can also be easily modified and edited. The following are some easy tips to help you make the most of out of free vector images:

1)    Preparation And Optimizing

It is a pretty straightforward process to prepare a vector graphic for use online as it is as easy as exporting a PNG or JPEG. If you are not confident about creating your vector graphics, then you are still in luck since there is a wide range of free vector images available online that you can use for your design. For instance, you can use this image https://4vector.com/ if you are creating an illustration or logo for a fruit design. You can also choose any other vector image available on that site and use them in your website design. The result is that it will make your website faster, with sharper graphics.

2)    Tips For Making Small File Sizes

To ensure that your vector graphics have the smallest possible size, you need to get rid of anything unnecessary. You can strip out the unnecessary code with SVGO before moving the file into a graphics editor for further editing. In the image editor, you want to ensure that you are using the minimum amount of shapes and paths to attain your desired design. You must simplify and combine everything and remove the number of points in the image while still maintaining the general form of the vector graphics.

3)    Implementation Considerations

There are several options available when you want to use vector graphics for your website design. Some methods will have benefits that can be crucial based on the things you would want to achieve while some are best avoided. For a basic setup meant to reap file size and resolution independence benefits, you can either use the vector file as a background-image or img in CSS, as you would do with any other web image format. Other implementation options include embed, iframe, inline, and object.

4)    Animating

Vector graphics can also be animated to create some super powerful designs. It can be handy for web illustrations and enhancing the overall look, but not every project will have the budget or time to expend on animations. Often, the reason for animating illustrations or icons will be to help with interaction, like on hover.

Adobe Express video animation offers a user-friendly solution for quickly bringing vector graphics to life with captivating animations, making it accessible for various design projects, especially those focused on enhancing user interaction.

Since web pages are viewed from different platforms and devices, whether smartphones or desktops, it is more crucial to ensure that your graphics look great at all resolutions. The answer is to use free vector graphics to achieve the benefits of scalability without the loss of any quality.

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