3 Reasons to Explore Croatia by Boat

A country in Southeastern Europe, Croatia has a 5,835 km long coastline along the Adriatic Sea, as well as more than a thousand islands scattered from Istria in the north, to Dubrovnik in the south.

With many amazing historical sites, a rich culture and a history spanning over 2,000 years, Croatia can easily rival other European countries, such as Greece, Italy or Spain.

Due to its central position in the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia can be an ideal starting point for exploring neighboring countries and their coastlines.

Exploring Croatia by boat is by far the best option for discovering the many sights scattered along the Adriatic coast. You’ll get the chance to visit the many islands and islets, explore some of the more remote beaches and lovely villages where you can experience the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and architecture.

Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe, due to growing yacht charter fleet and a large number of yachts available for rent.

In this article, we present you with the top three benefits why you should consider exploring Croatia by boat.

You Can Discover the Country’s Many Islands

Croatia is famous for its many islands, most of which are located close to the mainland. While many of the islands can be reached by ferries from the mainland, you’ll still feel somewhat limited and won’t be able to visit the more remote islets.

Exploring the Croatian coastline by boat enables you to see many hidden locations, some of which are untouched by mass tourism. Sailing is an ideal option if you want to spend a relaxing holiday, away from tourist crowds.

We’ve included a list of some of the lesser-known Croatian islands to visit while sailing along the Adriatic coast.


  • St. Nicholas Island, off the coast of Istria.
  • Vis
  • Pag     


It’s Easier to Discover Croatia’s Iconic Cities

Apart from the capital, Zagreb, the great majority of Croatia’s most important cities are located on the coast. Many of the smaller towns and villages have kept the authentic spirit of the old Mediterranean. Larger cities such, especially in the north, are under the heavy architectural influence of the Republic of Venice, a maritime Italian city-state that ruled many coastal areas on the present-day Croatian coast.

A boat charter croatia gives you a unique opportunity to visit some of the most iconic cities in this amazing country.

Places of interest:


  • Pula, Istria
  • Rijeka, Kvarner Bay
  • Makarska, Dalmatia
  • Dubrovnik, Dalmatia



A Lot Easier to Enjoy Natural Beauty

Croatia is a mountainous country and the most of its coast is rugged and indented. If you just want to relax and see most of Croatia’s natural landscapes, exploring the country by boat is definitively the way to go.

Many places on the coast are rather secluded and are a lot easier to access from the sea. Imagine spending a day on a secluded beach on a small island, surrounded by pine forest and the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, without worrying about catching ferries.

Whatever route you take, Croatia will enchant you by its scenic natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality.

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