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The Degenerates Author:  J. Albert Mann Publication Date: March 17th, 2020 Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers Synopsis: In the tradition of Girl, Interrupted, this fiery historical novel follows four young women in the early 20th century whose lives intersect … Continue reading

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Book Title:
The Cerulean
Book Author:
Amy Ewing
Book Series:
The Cerulean Duology, #1
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
January 29th, 2019
Date Read:
March 10th, 2020
Kindle Edition


From New York Times bestselling author Amy Ewing (The Jewel) comes the exciting first book in a new fantasy duology. Rich, vivid world-building and ethereal magic combine in an epic tale that’s perfect for fans of Snow Like Ashes, These Broken Stars, or Magonia.

Sera Lighthaven has always felt as if she didn’t quite belong among her people, the Cerulean, who live in the City Above the Sky. She is curious about everything—especially the planet that her City is magically tethered to—and can’t stop questioning things. Sera has always longed for the day when the tether will finally break and the Cerulean can move to a new planet.

But when Sera is chosen as the sacrifice to break the tether, she feels betrayed by everything in which she’d been taught to trust. In order to save her City, Sera must end her own life.

But something goes wrong, and Sera survives, ending up on the planet below in a country called Kaolin. Sera has heard tales about the dangerous humans who live here, and she quickly learns that these dangers were not just stories.

Meanwhile, back in the City, all is not what it seems, and the life of every Cerulean may be in danger if Sera is not able to find a way home.

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I first came across this book when it was released, and it sounded really interesting, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a fantasy at the time so I didn’t buy it until I discovered it again when the … Continue reading

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He’s been back on television since January, and now the legendary ‘Star Trek’ character Jean-Luc Picard has returned to the world of books. The new ten-episode television series starring Sir Patrick Stewart is still airing one at a time each … Continue reading

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Bone ​Crier’s Moon (Bone Grace #1) Author: Kathryn Purdie Publisher: HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Release Date: March 10th 2020 Synopsis: Bone ​Criers have a sacred duty. They alone can keep the dead from preying on the living. But their power to ferry the … Continue reading

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The game of golf has evolved drastically over the last few years, and innovations in the game are happening all the time. Keeping some of the new and innovative pieces of equipment in your golf bag can mean an improvement … Continue reading

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Havenfall Author: Sara Holland Series: Havenfall, #1 Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020 Publisher: Bloomsbury YA Synopsis: A safe haven between four realms. The girl sworn to protect it–at any cost. New York Times bestselling author Sara Holland crafts a breathtaking … Continue reading

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