Summer is already there – that time of the year when students leave their studies and look through a list of fun activities to engage in. For some, touring and traveling around the globe is the best way to spend holidays. For others, spending time with family and loved ones beats everything. But a few prefer to cool out watching their favorite movies and series.

The holiday is packed with a lot of interesting movies that can be watched either at home or at the cinema. From sci-fi to comedy or total action, there are a lot of genre variations that will air this season this vacation period. Most people prefer series, however, because of their extended storyline. This means that the longer the storyline, the more episodes will be shown. And the feeling of suspense these series give is way cooler than the cheapest custom essay writing offer.

One series that we would like to focus on today is the teen sensation ’13 reasons why’. Originally released in 2017, it was aired on Netflix as part of the efforts to offer something of interest to teenagers that will not only be exciting to watch but put a light on the problems that teens encounter on the daily basis. The plot revolves around a teenage girl who commits suicide. She leaves 13 tapes, each of which explains one reason why she did it. A guy who had always crushed on her discovers a set of tapes on his porch, and while listening finds out the details of her suicide. The tapes also highlighted the people who contributed to her committing suicide.

Currently, it has two seasons, with the third season coming out somewhere in 2019. The TV series is an adaptation of a novel with the same name by J. Asher and is preliminarily set in a high school scene, making it a teen-friendly serial. But it’s not off limits for adults. It’s interesting to watch and get reminded again of the things we experienced as high school students. Some people would even laugh at themselves when they remember certain things they esteemed so much. Now those things seem to hold fickle importance. Either way, it looks cool to be reminded of all the high school drama we went through.

Here are a few more reasons why we think this series is worth seeing


  1. It highlights major high-school issues

For years before now, bullying, social cliques, and suicide have been ravaging in our high schools. And even though people had spoken about it before, every now and then a reminder is quite appropriate. These things still happen today, at even more alarming rates.

It’s very easy for one to get lost in the myriads of other things happening today that hold political or entertainment values. And novels among teenagers are not as popular as before. This is why the adaptation of the ’13 reasons why’ novel is a timely event. Plus, they didn’t sugar-coat any of the occurrences. Things like kids cussing in every sentence are what we see today as well, highlighting the level of moral decadence among youth. And there’s no indication that it would decrease anytime soon.

  1. The ‘perfect’ mystery plot

In other terms, who else thinks that the plot was quite awesome? The episodes open with a lot of things hidden from our understanding. But as Clay, the guy with the crush on Hannah, who killed herself, begins to listen to the tapes, some mysteries begin to unfold. And as they unfold, some lead to other mysteries. And those other mysteries are uncovered in following episodes, and the cycle keeps going. That’s enough for some people to decide to binge-watch all the episodes within hours or days. After all, who doesn’t like to follow the suspense?

  1. Bringing out the humanity in viewers and characters

When we are in high school, we do not necessarily see the full picture of certain events. Hannah’s narration, captured via the tapes offer us an uncanny glimpse into the human nature. Her narrations are quite unpredictable, and this is truly explains how people are – surprising and unpredictable as well. However, in this unpredictability we are able to see not just the bad, but also the good attributes of people or the characters.

Plus, who finds the fact that all the episodes of the foremost season were released in one swoop intriguing? It was like they aimed at making the audience going through all the mixed emotions at once. Like they wanted everyone to feel every emotion the characters felt.

  1. It is something everyone can relate to

In the wake of the recent surge in suicidal incidents, this high school drama is one of the movies that everyone can agree with. Beyond the suicide, it portrays the effects on those left behind – parents, teachers, friends, and the community in general. With top-notch acting and impeccable theme music, we can understand the effects of suicide on society.

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  1. This is good to know! I still haven’t read the book yet. I have it and want to read it before watching.

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